Uploading CoreOS to Openstack Glance

Categories: openstack

How to upload CoreOS to an Openstack provider.

Run the following commands to download the latest CoreOS image and upload it to the Openstack provider.

$ curl \
    -o coreos_production_openstack_image.img.bz2 \

$ bunzip2 coreos_production_openstack_image.img.bz2

$ glance image-create \
    --architecture x86_64 \
    --name "coreos" \
    --min-disk 10 \
    --disk-format qcow2 \
    --min-ram 1024 \
    --container-format bare \
    --file coreos_production_openstack_image.img \

The instructions assume you have a properly configured Openstack environment running on the computer where you run the above commands.